The dream of Marcel is MARSEN

The establishment of the distillery in Marcelová in 2006 can safely be described as a significant event in the field of gastronomy in Slovakia. The company puts emphasis on maximum quality, so it is dedicated to the production of limited series of pure varietal spirits and products processed from spirits - all under the Marsen brand.


The plant is deliberately located in the most fertile region of Slovakia, close to orchards, thus obtaining first-class fruit of optimal ripeness. But it is only the honest approach, hand sorting, optimal fermentation and distillation using the latest technology that breathes soul into the spirits, which are then fully developed through maturation. The result is noble spirits whose delicate flavour harmonises with the delicious aroma of the particular fruit variety.


In addition to spirits, the Marsen brand is complemented by a range of exclusive liqueurs and spirits. All products are produced with an emphasis on maximum quality.

Our distillery is rare

Marsen distillates have an exceptional position. As well as belonging to the category of genuine fruit spirits, they also boast the word "varietal". This means that they are made without the use of any flavouring or colouring additives.


Varietality does not only distinguish the type of fruit, but also the individual varieties. For example, we have four types of spirit from pears - Williams, Conference, Durandeau and Autumn. So if you are a fan of distilled spirits made from a particular fruit, you may enjoy learning about the specifics of its individual varieties.


We do not concentrate on high-volume production of cheap products. We produce in smaller quantities with a commitment to maximum quality. Therefore, all filled bottles are numbered. Normally, only a limited number of bottles are produced from a particular variety of fruit in a given year.



Types of spirits


kg of fruit per year


world´s awards

Premium raw material, distillation and nothing more

100% quality

Controlled fermentation

Top distillation

Big final

We don't just sit in the distillery, we guard the quality already in the orchard or at the fruit harvest. The fruit used must be healthy and ripe, if we even get any rotten fruit, it is sorted. The sorted fruit is stripped of its stones (which, however, are used later because of their specific taste) and made into raw material, which is immediately pumped into fermentation vessels.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vessels without air access, under strict control and is controlled - that is, it does not take place quickly, spontaneously but at a certain temperature. The fermentation time varies, and we make sure that the ferment is in the vessels for the optimum length of time. This ensures the best possible extraction of flavour and aromas.

The actual production - distillation takes place in a modern facility that produces a 3 times distilled product in one process. However, technology has not taken away from the charm of the facility. The elegant design supported by the beautiful copper colour will delight the eye of the visitor to our distillery. Despite our respect for small producers, we use the still exclusively to burn our own kvass.

After firing, the percentage-rich distillate is gradually diluted with water to the desired degree. We dilute the varietal spirits to 42.3%, which we consider optimal - the spirit is crisp but at the same time not too strong, so it can be enjoyed. The product is then aged in stainless steel tanks. After maturing for several months to several years, the distillate is bottled.


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Marsen Distillery s. r. o.

Štrková 1413

946 32 Marcelová3
Slovenská republika


IČO: 35 979 348

DIČ: 2022139130

IČ DPH: SK2022139130 

Tel.: 0905 / 756 093 E-mail: The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Nitra, Section 1. Sro, insert no. 17724/N Number of the licence for the distribution of consumer packaging of alcohol: 615531000074