Our distillery is rare

Our spirits contain no flavourings or colourings. We scrupulously guard the entire production process and try to get the most out of the fruit base. It seems that the effort is not wasted. Marsen is probably the most appreciated Slovak brand of spirits on the market. Its success is evidenced by numerous awards and diplomas from exhibitions and international competitions. We are particularly pleased with the scoring of our apricot brandy in the Gyula Hungary competition in Hungary, when in the homeland of 'barack pálinka' it was not the domestic product that won, but ours. Apricot Marsen won the title of champion.


But it's not just our spirits that are highly rated, we can also boast the success of our exclusive liqueurs and other products.

Premium range Bentianna

Bentianna is crafted from the best that nature has to offer. We've taken the energy, strength and harmony from it and put them into a drink. 13 selected herbs, yellow gentian, a special composition of honeys, grape juice from selected varieties and Tokaj wine.

Legend spirits

Each Craft has its own Legend

This delicious cane rum was created by blending carefully selected Caribbean rums, some of which have taken up to 5 years to mature. It has a light caramel colour, a pleasant sweetish taste and the maturation in oak barrels gives it pleasant woody notes.
Some of which mature up to 5 years. It has a light caramel color, a pleasantly sweet taste, and aging in oak barrels gives it pleasant woody tones. 


Pure spirits

Marsen distillates have an exceptional position. As well as belonging to the category of genuine fruit spirits, they also boast the word "varietal". This means that they are made without the use of any flavouring or colouring additives.


Varietality does not only distinguish the type of fruit, but also the individual varieties. For example, we have four types of spirit from pears - Williams, Conference, Durandeau and Autumn. So if you are a fan of distilled spirits made from a particular fruit, you may enjoy learning about the specifics of its individual varieties.

Gift packs

The greatest GIFT you can give someone is your Time. When you give someone your time, you give them a piece of your life that you will never live again. There is a lot of our time behind the handmade nature of our products and gift packs. We appreciate every smile of gratitude and good feeling of giving that is part of our Dream of Marcelo all the more.